Your source of income online with the Affiliate Marketing System

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A source of income online with the Affiliate Marketing System is the best and cheapest way to Increase Your Revenue.

The opportunity is currently sweet to enter this due to high purchasing traffic.


Affiliate Marketing Features: 

Come with me to explain the full source of the online income system and apply it step by step:

Source of income online You don’t need capital to buy goods.

Don’t worry about shipping or complain because you have nothing to do with it.

You can work at any time and anywhere. Every person organizes his work according to his situation, time, effort, and everything he has given to the subject.

Select a specific marketing domain for products.

source of income online

Good why a specific field!! ️

For a Source of income online & to make it easy, choose the products you shop for and what you want

And you keep your customers 

Build trust with the client because you are a specialist in one field

Helps you build a sustainability system for this source of income online

How to choose the domain? Focus on this first step of the application

Select a main field Example (Health)

Select a subdomain such as (children’s health, women’s health, or healthy herbs) and a market for their products

Important: When you choose a Source of income online field where you have experience or are loved to be able to make and collect information about the content you offer in your field, Register in affiliation marketing sites and choose a platform that suits and provides products for your field

Give you the easiest 3 registration platforms:


Cupacto crafts (Our website)


Source of income online

In this system, we will use two communication platforms for marketing


To develop your source of income online, first full, you must create a Telegram Channel it will be a store where you display products, and it is a store for your customer base to maintain them

Where did the customers come from for Telegram?

For your first $1 source of income online

From TikTok, you benefit from the power of viral spread and make a conversion of those interested in your field to telegram

Prepare Telegram and TikTok and focus on these things: –

Choose a name and image that expresses your field

Writing Bio knows about the benefit you offer to your followers

Create a web link to the Telegram Channel to facilitate the channel’s accession process

Place the link in the TikTok Bio because it is the gateway that transfers interest from TikTok to Telegram

An important note on TikTok is necessary to transform your account into a commercial account so that you can add a Bio + link; you can only add a link when you have 1000 followers of the solution.

Buy 1000 followers from stores or sites

Commission marketing is different from publicity and advertising. You need to provide useful content to convince the customer to buy and get some source of income online

Believe me, no one will buy it.

source of income online

How to make useful content!!

The solution is to provide content to solve a problem or give a new addition to the customer

An example of content (the best coffee for the espresso industry). This is an introduction to give information and a new addition that comes to add (Ben Dark Rust Colombian from toaster sic)

Another example (treatment of slavery problems) is the problem we come to treat (herbal drinks give you a good sleep)

This is a type of content marketing.

Some ways to rank & get some visitors.

Processing the TikTok clip this step because it is the foundation and the most important point

At the beginning of the clip, you put an attractive phrase that tightens the viewer’s how? The same phrase we talked about (the best coffee for espresso)

This phrase makes the interested person keep watching the clip

The segment shall not exceed 30 seconds

Show your face and speak with your voice and provide information. This step raises the level of trust in you.

Don’t want to show your face. Talk to you about usefulness. Make the background about your field.

Add 10 hashtags related to your product 5 Trend 5 divers

Last clip Read Visit the link in Bio for more information

Ask for your support in liking and sharing.

Prepare Telegram Content as text content

Product + Reason for Need

Write Interest

Put a competitive advantage

show discount code and product link

After applying all the previous steps you are ready to publish

Best time to share your creative

First, post all your product content on your telegram channel

And on TikTok, he came down on different days.

Best Publication Times on TikTok

From 7 pm to 11 pm

Best Publishing Days Saturday and Sunday

Best publication dates to increase sales

From day 5 to day 24 per month

Or From day 10 to day 15 per month.


Source of income online May take time and effort to establish a sustainable one. Nonetheless, for those willing to adapt and learn, the online world can be a powerful tool for financial independence and growth.

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