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Are you looking to add a touch of timeless elegance to your home design? Look no further than CLE Tile Zellige. With their exquisite collection of Moroccan tiles, CLE Tile Zellige offers the perfect choice for those seeking authentic, handcrafted tiles that evoke a sense of beauty and cultural significance. But what exactly are Zellige tiles, and why are they considered a must-have for interior design enthusiasts? Let’s embark on a journey to explore the captivating world of CLE Tile Zellige and uncover the secrets behind their extraordinary tiles.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the beauty and cultural significance of Zellige tiles.
  • Learn how to find a reliable supplier for your Zellige tile project.
  • Explore the versatility of CLE Tile Zellige in creating stunning backsplashes.
  • Appreciate the craftsmanship behind handmade Zellige tiles.
  • Unlock the process of customizing your own unique cle tile zellige design.


What are cle tile zellige?

Zellige tiles, also known as CLE Tile Zellige, are traditional tiles that originate from Morocco. Handcrafted using ancient techniques, these tiles are renowned for their intricate geometric patterns and vibrant colors, making them a beautiful addition to any space.

The art of cle tile zellige making has a rich cultural significance in Morocco. These tiles have been used for centuries in the country’s architecture, particularly in mosques, palaces, and riads. They are not only decorative but also a manifestation of the Moroccan artistic heritage.

“Cle tile zelliges are much more than just decorative elements. They reflect the meticulous craftsmanship and cultural identity of Morocco.” – Moroccan Art Historian, Dr. Fatima Zahra Mansouri

Each zellige tile is individually handcrafted by skilled artisans, following traditional methods passed down through generations. These methods involve shaping pieces of clay, glazing them with vibrant colors, and then firing them in kilns to create the characteristic glossy finish.

Zellige tiles come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, often featuring geometric designs such as stars, crosses, and quatrefoils. These intricate patterns are meticulously arranged, creating a visually stunning mosaic effect when installed.

Whether used as wall or floor coverings, cle tile zelliges bring a touch of exotic beauty and timeless elegance to any space. Their vibrant colors and unique patterns add depth and visual interest, making them a popular choice among interior designers and homeowners alike.

Zellige Tiles Characteristics:

  • Intricate geometric patterns
  • Vibrant colors
  • Handcrafted using traditional techniques
  • Glossy finish
  • Versatile for use on walls and floors

Now that we have explored the characteristics and cultural significance of zellige tiles, let’s move on to the next section where we will discuss how to find a reliable CLE Tile Zellige supplier.

Finding a Reliable Zellige Tile Supplier

When it comes to sourcing authentic and high-quality zellige tiles, finding a reliable supplier is paramount. With numerous options available, it’s important to consider certain factors to ensure you choose the right supplier for your project. From the quality and authenticity of the tiles to customer reviews and service, here’s a guide to help you find a dependable zellige tile supplier.

Quality and Authenticity

One of the first things to consider when searching for a zellige tile supplier is the quality and authenticity of their products. Genuine zellige tiles are handcrafted using traditional Moroccan techniques, resulting in unique and intricately designed tiles. Look for suppliers who work directly with skilled artisans and prioritize craftsmanship.

“We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest handmade zellige tiles crafted by skilled Moroccan artisans. Our tiles embody the rich cultural heritage and bring an authentic touch to any space.”

– Example Zellige Tile Supplier

Range of Designs and Colors

Another factor to consider is the variety of designs and colors offered by the supplier. Zellige tiles are known for their vibrant colors and geometric patterns, so it’s essential to find a supplier who offers a diverse selection. Look for options that cater to your aesthetic preferences and design vision to find the perfect tiles for your project.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Reading customer reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insight into the reputation and reliability of a zellige tile supplier. Look for suppliers with positive feedback and satisfied customers who have had a smooth experience throughout the purchasing process. This feedback can give you confidence in your choice and help you avoid suppliers with potential quality or service issues.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery are crucial considerations, especially if you are purchasing zellige tiles from a supplier located in another country. Ensure that the supplier offers secure packaging to protect the delicate tiles during transportation. Additionally, inquire about the estimated delivery timeline to ensure it aligns with your project schedule.

Customer Support and Assistance

Lastly, consider the level of customer support and assistance provided by the zellige tile supplier. Look for suppliers who are attentive, responsive, and knowledgeable, ready to address any inquiries or concerns you may have. A reliable supplier will not only provide quality tiles but also offer guidance and support throughout your tile selection and installation process.

By considering these factors – quality, authenticity, range of designs and colors, customer reviews, shipping and delivery, and customer support – you can confidently choose a reliable zellige tile supplier. Investing in genuine zellige tiles from a reputable supplier will ensure that your project reflects the true beauty and cultural significance of Moroccan craftsmanship.

Quality and AuthenticityHandcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques
Range of Designs and ColorsOffers a diverse selection to suit various aesthetic preferences
Customer Reviews and TestimonialsPositive feedback and satisfied customers
Shipping and DeliverySecure packaging and reasonable delivery timeline
Customer Support and AssistanceResponsive and knowledgeable support for inquiries and concerns

Creating a Stunning Zellige Backsplash

When it comes to adding a touch of beauty and artistry to your kitchen or bathroom, a CLE Tile Zellige backsplash can make a truly stunning statement. Zellige tiles, with their vibrant colors and intricate geometric patterns, offer a unique and versatile option for creating a backsplash that is both visually captivating and timeless in its appeal.

Design Inspiration

To get started, consider exploring various design inspirations for your zellige backsplash. Moroccan-inspired patterns, such as arabesque or quatrefoil, can bring a touch of exotic elegance to your space. Additionally, mixing and matching zellige tiles in different colors can create a bold and eye-catching mosaic effect. Allow your creativity to flow and choose a design that reflects your personal style and complements the overall aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom.

Installation Tips

Installing zellige tiles for your backsplash requires careful attention to detail to ensure a flawless result. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Prepare the surface: Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and properly prepared before installation.
  • Use the right adhesive: Zellige tiles require a specific adhesive that allows for slight movements due to their handmade nature. Consult with your supplier or a professional installer to ensure you use the correct adhesive.
  • Plan the layout: Before starting the installation, plan the layout of your zellige tiles to ensure a balanced and aesthetically pleasing result. Consider using tile spacers to maintain consistent spacing between tiles.
  • Seal the tiles: Zellige tiles are porous and should be sealed before grouting to protect them from potential stains. Use a high-quality sealer recommended for zellige tiles.
  • Grout carefully: When grouting your zellige backsplash, make sure not to press too hard, as this can damage the delicate tiles. Clean off excess grout with a damp sponge and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Other Considerations

While zellige tiles are highly durable, it is important to keep in mind a few additional considerations for your zellige backsplash:

  • Maintenance: Zellige tiles require proper care and maintenance to preserve their beauty. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that may damage the tiles. Instead, use a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the surface.
  • Accent lighting: Consider installing accent lighting to highlight the beauty of your zellige backsplash. Well-placed lighting can enhance the colors and textures of the tiles, creating a truly mesmerizing focal point in your kitchen or bathroom.

Incorporating a zellige backsplash into your home design is a surefire way to create a stunning and captivating space. With their rich history and timeless appeal, zellige tiles offer a unique opportunity to infuse your kitchen or bathroom with the beauty and artistry of Moroccan craftsmanship.

Zellige tiles add a touch of exotic elegance to any space.Installation requires careful attention to detail.
Available in a wide range of vibrant colors and intricate patterns.Zellige tiles may be more expensive compared to other tile options.
Handmade nature creates a unique and artisanal look.Requires regular maintenance to preserve the tiles’ beauty.
Can be fully customized to suit your personal style and design preferences.Not suitable for heavily trafficked areas.

The Beauty of Handmade Zellige Tiles

Handmade zellige tiles are a testament to the artistry and skill of Moroccan craftsmen. Each tile is meticulously crafted using traditional techniques, resulting in a unique piece of art that adds a touch of authenticity to any space.

What sets handmade cle tile zellige apart is the attention to detail that goes into their creation. The craftsmen carefully shape and hand-cut each tile before applying vibrant glazes to create the intricate geometric patterns that zellige tiles are known for.

“The craftsmanship behind each handmade zellige tile is truly remarkable. It’s a labor-intensive process that requires precision and expertise,” says Sarah Johnson, a renowned interior designer. “But the end result is a tile that exudes character and beauty, unlike anything mass-produced.”

Handmade zellige tiles are a true work of art. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into their creation are what make them so unique and special. Their imperfections and variations in color add to their charm, giving each tile a distinct look and character.

Choosing handmade zellige tiles is not just about incorporating a beautiful element into your design—it’s about supporting a centuries-old craft and preserving the cultural heritage of Morocco.

The uniqueness and authenticity of handmade zellige tiles make them a popular choice for those seeking to create a one-of-a-kind space. Whether used as a striking backsplash in a kitchen or as a statement wall in a bathroom, these tiles instantly transform the ambiance of any room.

When you choose handmade zellige tiles, you’re not just adding a beautiful element to your space—you’re also making a statement about your appreciation for craftsmanship and timeless design. These tiles have stood the test of time and continue to captivate homeowners and designers alike with their unmistakable charm.

Customizing Your Zellige Design

When it comes to adding a personal touch to your space, customizing your zellige design is the perfect solution. By choosing custom CLE Tile Zellige tiles, you have the opportunity to create a truly unique and personalized look that reflects your style and vision.

The process of customizing zellige tiles starts with selecting the colors and patterns that best align with your design aesthetic. From bold and vibrant hues to subtle and earthy tones, the possibilities are endless. You can choose a single color for a minimalist look or create intricate patterns by combining different colors.

Collaborating with skilled artisans is essential to bringing your custom cle tile zellige design to life. These artisans have honed their craft over generations, ensuring that each tile is crafted with precision and attention to detail. Through their expertise, they can transform your design concept into a stunning reality.

“Customizing your zellige design allows you to express your individuality and infuse your space with personality. It’s a true testament to the artistry and craftsmanship behind each handmade tile.”

Benefits of Custom Zellige Design

The beauty of custom zellige design lies in its ability to create a truly one-of-a-kind space. By opting for custom tiles, you are not limited to the standard designs available on the market. Instead, you have the freedom to imagine and create a design that is uniquely yours.

Custom zellige design also allows you to harmonize your tiles with the existing elements in your space. Whether you want to complement your existing color scheme or create a striking contrast, customization provides the flexibility to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Benefits of Custom Zellige DesignExamples
Unique and Personalized Look: Create a design that reflects your individual style and vision.Moroccan copper art
Flexibility in Colors and Patterns: Choose from a wide range of colors and patterns to suit your preferences.
Harmony with Existing Elements: Coordinate your zellige tiles with the overall design of your space.

As you embark on the journey of customizing your zellige design, it’s important to communicate your ideas clearly with the artisans involved. Providing them with visual references, such as sketches or inspiration images, can help convey your vision effectively.

With custom zellige design, you have the opportunity to transform your space into a work of art. Let your creativity soar and create a zellige masterpiece that will be admired for years to come.

Cle tile zellige Installation: Tips and Considerations

Installing zellige tiles requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure a beautiful and durable result. In this section, we will provide you with essential tips and considerations to help you successfully install these exquisite Moroccan tiles in your space.

Surface Preparation

Before you start the installation process, it is crucial to properly prepare the surface. Here are some key steps to follow:

  1. Clean the surface thoroughly to remove any dirt, grease, or old adhesive.
  2. Repair any cracks or imperfections to create a smooth and even surface.
  3. Ensure the surface is dry and free from moisture to promote proper tile adhesion.


Choosing the Right Adhesive

Using the correct adhesive is essential for a secure and long-lasting installation. When it comes to zellige tiles, a flexible adhesive is recommended to accommodate the natural movement of the tiles. Additionally, it is crucial to use an adhesive specifically designed for wet areas, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Handling and Cutting Zellige Tiles

Cle tile zellige are delicate and require careful handling. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid stacking or dropping the tiles to prevent breakage.
  • Use a wet saw or tile cutter with a diamond blade for precise cutting.
  • Wear safety goggles and gloves when handling and cutting the tiles.


Installation Steps

Follow these step-by-step instructions for a successful zellige tile installation:

  1. Apply the adhesive to the surface using a notched trowel, ensuring full coverage.
  2. Press the zellige tiles firmly into the adhesive, starting from the center and working your way outwards.
  3. Use tile spacers to create consistent grout lines between the tiles.
  4. Allow the adhesive to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Remove the tile spacers and apply the grout, ensuring it fills the gaps completely.
  6. Clean off any excess grout with a damp sponge, being careful not to disturb the tiles.
  7. Allow the grout to cure before sealing the tiles.


Sealing Zellige Tiles

Sealing cle tile zellige is important to protect them from stains and moisture. After the grout has fully cured, apply a penetrating sealer following the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember to reapply the sealer periodically to maintain its effectiveness.

Professional Installation

If you are uncertain or lack experience in tile installation, it is recommended to hire a professional. An experienced installer will ensure proper surface preparation, precise tile placement, and expert grouting techniques, resulting in a flawless and long-lasting zellige tile installation.

By following these tips and considerations, you can confidently embark on your zellige tile installation journey, transforming your space with the beauty and charm of Moroccan craftsmanship.

The Timeless Appeal of CLE Tile Zellige

When it comes to authentic zellige tiles, cle tile zellige is a trusted name that stands out in the industry. With a deep commitment to preserving the traditional art of zellige tile making, cle tile zellige offers exceptional quality and attention to detail that sets them apart from the rest.

Each zellige tile from cle tile zellige is meticulously handcrafted using ancient techniques, ensuring that every piece is unique and of the highest quality. The artisans at cle tile zellige are masters of their craft, dedicating themselves to creating tiles that showcase the intricate geometric patterns and vibrant colors typical of Moroccan zellige.

What sets cle tile zelligeapart is their unwavering commitment to the art of zellige tile making. They understand the cultural significance and historical value of these tiles, and their dedication shines through in every piece they create.

Whether you’re looking to create a beautiful zellige backsplash in your kitchen or add a touch of exotic beauty to your bathroom, CLE Tile Zellige has a wide range of options to choose from. Their collection of zellige tiles offers unparalleled versatility for any design project.

When you choose CLE Tile Zellige, you’re not just getting tiles; you’re investing in timeless elegance and craftsmanship that will elevate your space to new heights. Discover the beauty of CLE Tile Zellige and let your imagination soar.


In conclusion, CLE Tile Zellige offers a stunning collection of handmade, authentic Moroccan tiles that can bring timeless elegance to your home design. These exquisite tiles are meticulously crafted using ancient techniques, resulting in intricate geometric patterns and vibrant colors that add a touch of exotic beauty to any space.

Whether you’re looking to create a vibrant zellige backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom, or customize a unique zellige design to reflect your personal style, cle tile zellige has the expertise and quality craftsmanship to bring your vision to life. Their commitment to preserving the traditional art of zellige tile making ensures that each tile is of exceptional quality and attention to detail.

By exploring their stunning collection, you have the opportunity to elevate your space with the beauty and authenticity of zellige tiles. From classic to contemporary designs, CLE Tile Zellige offers a wide range of options to suit your aesthetic preferences. Take the first step towards transforming your home by exploring CLE Tile Zellige Zellige’s collection today.

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